We are a visual design studio.
Creating strong identities for businesses and
startups. We build websites, crafting marks and creating brands.
Creating things is not only our job but our passion, we love what we do and we have fun doing it. We think this separates us and encourage us to walk that extra mile.


We ask and we listen, we understand that the key
to a good project is good communication.
Designer / Photographer
Björn Ed
Sales / Graphic designer
Filip Ed
Cinematographer / Coordinator
Viktor Wallmark


Graphic Design
Shapes patterns and colors, we know it's best when it looks as good as it is.
Logo design
A good logotype is important for your brand. It’s how your customers will remember you. We can create timeless and beautiful logos, that reflect your brand.
Signs, brochures, pamphlets, restaurant menus, anything you can print on... We've got you covered!
This is something that lies close to our hearts, it’s how we started creatively and we believe it to be a key part of the design industry. We offer competent photographers with a professional yet unique style.
For your buisness, online or print. We can help create marketing material for any platforms.
Tag me! If there's no photos did it really happen? Perhaps not, either way, we make sure your event is documented in it's fullest glory.
We have extensive knowledge making movies, video and films! For your commercial projects, documentaries, sports, personal, narrative and everything in between. We are open to all ideas and really like a challenge. Talk to us about it.
Web Design
We know a professional presence online will make wonders for your business.
Responsive Design
We always make your website look and work like it should. No bullshit, no matter what device it viewed from.
It should be easy to edit the content off your website. Thats why we use an straight forward, easy to use, content management system.
To make sure your customers get the best shopping experience on your site, we build everything ourself. We recognize the value of a beautiful and functional store online.
Need help to get started? No problem, we can assist with startup and maintenance of your online services. We are a one stop shop to you online presence.
We offer hosting for your website.
We'll register your domain for you, to spare you off all the hassle.
We can also setup individual mail hosting for you, with your choice of amount of email adresses, to suit your specific needs.